My “drag bag” has been changing up a lot lately.

I use a few apps that were developed for the phone that don’t look nice on my iPads. Additionally there are a couple of apps that don’t integrate with Apple Health the way I’d like them to, like mindfulness minutes not being recorded when I use the app on an iPad, and so, I’ve gotten an iPhone 15 ProMax. In an effort to future proof, I went with the 1 TB of storage which I can’t imagine filling up.

I’ve been fairly iPad centric for a number of years, so this realization that things don’t always work right on iPads has been kind of difficult, but I’m really making an effort to be more phone centric now. And that changes my drag bag considerably.

Historically, my drag bag has been from a company called Nut Sac. It’s one of their Man Bags, and it’s ideal for an iPad Mini and a Logitech Keys To Go. But now that I’m carrying my iPhone more than my iPad Mini, I’m finding when I do carry my Man Bag, I’m not sure what to put in it. I love having the space that bag offers, I’m just not sure how to utilize it, so I probably don’t need to carry the bag at all. But that’s different, and I struggle with change.

It’s a fun problem to have if I have to have problems. 🙂