I’ve long thought of myself as a mobilist. I love portable and mobile technology and being able to do whatever I want to do wherever I want to do it. It’s this love of mobile technology that bred my intense interest in iOS.

The technology is emerging that makes this kind of portability easier almost by the day, cloud technologies being chief among them.

Things that often get overlooked however are the things we have to physically connect too, our flash drives, external hard drives, and even (I admit regretfully) printers.

USB C is beginning to make that physical connectivity considerably simpler, but it’s not quite there yet. There are still lightning connections, USB A, display port and HDMI connections that all require a multitude of cables and connectors.

The gear I travel with changes almost as quickly as the technology itself. It’s for this reason that I again wanted to share how I travel and describe what’s in my bag as I go from place to place for work and for pleasure.

The gear I carry varies a bit depending on the reason I’m traveling and where I’m going, but generally I carry my Man Bag from Nut Sac, which has my 6thGen iPad Mini in it, as well as my Logitech Keys To Go, and my Bellroy Pencil case which has in it an Anker 20 watt charging block, an Anker Premium 7-in-1 USB-C Hub, a three connector cable that is USB A on one end, and USB C/Lightning/Micro USB on the other end.

As an adjunct, I often carry my Bellroy Tech Kit, which has my Anker 747 battery, my Anker 747 wall charger, and one each Lightning, USB C and Apple watch puck.

I also have three old school Anker slow charging stands that work nicely with my iPhone whether it’s in portrait or standby mode. I often have one of those in my suitcase just to use wherever I am that is not Mag Safe or Apple, so it connects via Micro USB.

That’s remarkable little gear to travel with for me, and I’m generally pleased with how productive I can be with that relatively little amount of technology.