Category: Technology

  • Inboxes

    I’ve shared recently how email is arguably one of the most efficient forms of business communication (and sometimes personal as well). And sometimes, it’s helpful to have more than one inbox. I have a personal inbox, one for work, one for junk mail, one for school, and another for web work. Sometimes managing all those […]

  • Storage

    I read with interest this morning an article on Fox News about cloud storage and the best ways to organize and back up your files. For reference, here is a link to the article: More interesting than the article are the comments at the end of it. It’s clear that people are pretty about […]

  • Replacement

    I added a new iPad to the line up recently, and this one could be a game changer. The previous main stay had been an iPad Mini that I got because I had a need for ultimate portability, and something that was going to function very much like a notepad if you will, and it’s […]

  • Tabs

    These days, I enjoy much of the software the Microsoft publishes, I’ve especially been enjoying Edge. It’s Chromium engine brings it in line with other major browsers, but it doesn’t seem to carry their footprint, but it also isn’t just screaming with innovation either. It’s a browser after all. So it was with interest that […]

  • Inbox

    The changes in today’s workspace seem never-ending. One of the biggest changes in some of the most forward-facing companies involve our email inbox. Collaboration today is more virtual than it’s been in the past. Even among people who are not working remotely, there’s an increase in the use of tools like Teams, Slack, and Zoom. […]

  • Life Changing

    Life changing technology is something I enjoy almost more than anything else. And while it may be a little dramatic to say “life changing,” I mean that in the sense that it changes the way I do life. It doesn’t have to be huge and dramatic. That’s how Apple Watch is for me. The technology […]

  • Tires

    I heard someone recently describe the job of an IT department as being responsible for presenting a smorgasbord of solutions to an end user and letting them pick what they want. Nothing could be further from the truth. I had the opportunity recently to purchase tires for my car. I went in the store and […]

  • Documents

    As our world becomes more mobile, and as we rely less on a central work location, something that’s becoming very important to me is mobile document management.  I rely on having certain documents available to me wherever I am on whatever device I’m using. Effectively, there are three main solutions, Microsoft’s Azure and OneDrive, Google’s […]

  • Support

    These days, there is a lot of different work being done in a lot of different ways. We’re doing things from home that maybe 5 years ago we would have said were impossible. I do support work. That’s almost always been phone based, and historically it’s been really tech heavy. I’ve had to have multiple […]

  • Value

    How  people and companies spend money on technology is driven by what they technology means to them, what it does for them, what they’d like to get out of it, and how they expect it to impact their environment.  But how do you get someone to honestly evaluate those things?  It’s been said after all […]