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  • Growth


    Growth is something that needs to happen in life. Personal growth, professional growth, growth in every area of everything we do. I was listening to the transformed podcast recently where they were discussing professional growth in the context of Higher Ed and wouldn’t it be nice if people were able to stay connected to an […]

  • Subscriptions


    I heard a podcast recently featuring Nicole Nguyen who spoke on coping with the rising cost of digital subscriptions. She mentioned things like: As I thought through that, I realize that many people now have most of those services and probably more, and I wondered if there was a better way of doing things, or […]

  • Binding


    Today, we are not binding our Macs to Active Directory as we’d done in years past. It used to be that binding Macs to Active Directory provided some real benefits as it related to GPO and shared network resources. Policies could be assigned and network resources could be allocated in ways that couldn’t be done […]

  • Transparency


    I heard a quote recently that really resonated with me. Technology is everything and for everyone. And increasingly, it’s most useful when we don’t notice it all.  Shira Ovide I’d never put it in those words before, but for 30 years that I’ve been involved with technology that’s been the idea that drives how I […]

  • Outdated


    Technology is an odd thing sometimes, especially when you talk about updating it and when it becomes obsolete. I’ve seen four year old laptops discarded by organizations! Personally, I use computers and other devices long past the four year mark. Mostly because I haven’t got the money to replace everything every four years, but also […]

  • Permissions


    This time on web sites, or more specifically, within WordPress. I discovered recently quite by accident, that you shouldn’t use your administrative un/pw to create content. It’s just a really bad practice. So I’ve spent a good bit of time today straightening that out. If someone knows the user name of the admin of a […]

  • FSE

    Full Site Editing or FSE is something that’s been touted loudly in recent months. It became popular with recent releases of WordPress and continues to get more robust as other releases come out. Maybe a better way to say it is that it gets more mature. In order to take advantage of FSE you have […]

  • Email

    There is a growing trend in business to use messaging platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack more and more to not only reduce the amount of mail in our inbox, but also get more immediate responses from people, and while I’m a enthusiastic advocate of M365 including Teams, I’m not convinced this shift is a […]

  • Displays

    I spend a lot of time thinking about mobility and portability with technology. It’s a favorite thing of mine being able to do whatever I want to do where ever I want to do it from. It’s the catalyst for me being an iOS guy, and one of the reasons I accessorize the way I […]

  • EDC

    As a minimalist, and a mobilist, Every Day Carry is something I put a lot of thought into. The gear and the bags I carry are small and light, selected with portability in mind. Depending on what we do and where we’re going, there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to everyday carry, so […]