Portability is a mainstay of mine. A prime consideration with portability is power. In past posts about EDC I’ve detailed what the gear and the cases I travel with, which sometimes changes a bit depending on what’s trendy, so allow me to recap. My daily carry bag comes from a company called NutSac, it’s a tote called a Man Bag, Damnit. Mostly I Cary this bag for it’s size, as it accommodates my 6th gen iPad Mini in stellar fashion. Along side the iPad, is a Logitech Keys To Go which is probably half the width of the iPad. It’s a thing of beauty. In the back pocket of the bag are two neatly coiled 10 foot USB C cables, one USB C on the other end, the other lightning. In the bag also is a Bellroy pencil case in which I carry a 30 watt, dual port USB C adapter from Apple, an Adonit Jot Pro stylus, my 3rd gen AirPods and an Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter with which I connect to an HDMI connection or something USB A. This setup works really well for most of the circumstances I encounter.

From time to time however, I find myself away from AC wall outlets and still need to be powered. When those situations arise, I turn to my other Bellroy bag: the Tech Kit. This is a sensational little bag, and fits the gear I carry in it as it it were made to order.

At the heart of my Tech Kit are two products from Ankeny, which is another favorite company of mine. These two products have to have been made with each other in mind as they both carry the moniker 747. And like the enormous jet they seem to have taken their name from, they’re monsters.

The 747 Power Bank is a 26,000 mAh battery that will charge my devices perhaps three or four times each.

The 747 Charger is a four port (three USB C, one USB A) 150 watt charging block that will charge the battery from zero to full in just 2.5 hours!

As I mentioned, these devices fit in the Tech Kit like it was tailor made. Tech Kit has three main inside pockets, then a number of elastic loops for other cords or adapters that in my Tech Kit remain unused. The battery fits in the largest pocket, the charger in one of the smaller ones. In the other smaller pocket I have three USB C charging cods, one for each port on the charger. One USB C, One Lightning, the third a puck for my watch.

This is a configuration with which I can travel anyplace in the US and be as portable as I like to be.