As a mobilist, an important consideration about the devices I use is how portable they are and how mobile I can be with them. Another consideration is how productive I can be with my devices. To that end, one of the things that most impacts my productivity is the use of a keyboard.

When considering keyboards whether it will it be attached or separated from the device. I use both types depending on the circumstance, but mostly I prefer keyboards that are not attached to my iPads. Regardless of the make or model, every keyboard that attaches to the iPad adds weight and reduces how easy it is to carry.

The keyboards I like best are all from Logitech. The one that sits on my desk is the MX Keys Mini. The one I use at work is the K811, and the one that’s’ in my bag is Keys To Go. The quality of Logitech keyboards is always appreciated and these keyboards always feel like an favorite old pair of shoes.

Knowing that whether I’m heading home at the end of the day, on my way to the office on a Monday morning, or meeting a friend for coffee knowing a Logitech keyboard will be in front of me means I’ll be as productive as I can be.