Collaboration is a word we hear a lot more lately than we did just a few years ago. There have been several companies to enter the collaboration space with products like Slack and Discord, and even Webex to a certain extent, but the Goliath that all of the Davids would like to tumble is Microsoft Team, which is a gem in Microsoft’s crown.

Microsoft Teams is such a powerful tool because you can incorporate so many different aspects of the M365 platform including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, in addition to a myriad of 3rd party applications that are available.

If you use Tasks with Teams you wind up with something that very closely resembles Jurassic where tasks are in swim lanes based on status. It’s truly a diverse and robust product.

Collaboration is about empowering every person accomplish more and that’s what Microsoft Teams does so we..

The feature that most people use first is chat. That’s a great introduction, unfotunatley, many people stop there and only use Teams for chat. If you attend a lot of Teams meetings, one of the nicest ways to take meeting notes is to use a OneNote notebook and the Meeting Notes template for keeping track of what’s happening during the meeting.

There are some really fun advanced features available in Teams that can change the way you collaborate remotely that makes Teams a lot of fun and very productive.

You can learn a lot about these features by simply trying them and exploring various options in the application, but if your organization has an Adoption Specialist, that can be an invaluable resource as you endeavor to take advantage of some of the more advanced Teams features