Lists are a favorite thing of mine. I use them for all sorts of things. I especially like Mailing lists.

This year my organization is changing the tool they use for managing lists and a really wonderful tool is being used to replace it: Microsoft Teams.

Among the tasks that Teams does very well as a collaboration platform is manage mailing lists, and by that I mean, you can make a Team room out of all of the lists that you used to mail to and you can still mail them as if they were a mailing list, but you get some added features that you don’t get with standard mailing lists.

Features such as file sharing, the use of common notebooks, task lists, shared calendars and a host of other features that streamline the processes of communicating within groups.

It’s a new way to communicate, and collaborate, and a new way of doing business, which is really the nature if IT, isn’t it? If we’re not moving forward, we’re getting left behind. Just because something works, is no reason not to learn to try to embrace something new.