I used to think of mindfulness as being synonymous with meditation. And while certainly meditation can play a role in mindfulness there seems to be more to it than that. Mindfulness I’m discovering seems more about being present, in the present moment, and being capable of dealing with whatever else is present in that moment with you and not letting it knock you off center.

That’s sort of the crux for me, it’s a practice to help make you more mindful.

For a number of reasons mindfulness has come front and center for me and so as I thought about this and considered what this looks like for me (and will continue to look moving forward!) I thought about technology and portability and how these tools fit with this new thing I’m finding out about.

What I’ve discovered is there is a lot about technology that dovetails nicely with mindfulness, so in coming posts I hope to explore these a bit more and perhaps some of what I’ve discovered on my way can be a benefit to someone else as they’re making the same discoveries I am.