Today, we are not binding our Macs to Active Directory as we’d done in years past.

It used to be that binding Macs to Active Directory provided some real benefits as it related to GPO and shared network resources. Policies could be assigned and network resources could be allocated in ways that couldn’t be done if machines were not bound to Active Directory

Today with more and more resources being cloud based (including Microsoft’s 365) binding Macs to AD simply isn’t as beneficial as it once was, and beyond not being as beneficial, in some cases it can make things more difficult that it can actually complicate somethings, such as syncing passwords! If you’re not connected to the domain and you change the password on your local Mac when it rejoins the domain, it may not sync the way you’d expect it to causing additional confusion and potentially blocking network resources you need to have access to when you need them.

Network management is much simpler than its been in the past. There’s no reason to complicate it by binding things in ways that were done years ago and losing out on the benefit of cloud based infrastructure!