Life changing technology is something I enjoy almost more than anything else. And while it may be a little dramatic to say “life changing,” I mean that in the sense that it changes the way I do life. It doesn’t have to be huge and dramatic.

That’s how Apple Watch is for me. The technology is very cool, but aside from the cool factor, its changed the way I do things on a day to day basis. The convenience of being able to pay for things by placing my watch near an NFC reader (4 cm is the limitation of NFC, by the way or 1 1/2 inches, keep that tidbit for trivia night!) or press a button and speak to it in response to a text changes the way I do things. That’s what I mean by life changing.

Recently I discovered another way in which Apple Watch changes things for me. I use a number of tools at work that require multi-factor authentication (MFA or 2FA it is sometimes called). In some instances, when I’m being challenged for the second factor, my watch vibrates on my wrist and I can simply tap it’s face to approve the request and don’t have to have my phone out. That too is life changing.

I’ve noticed that the more I wear my Apple Watch, the less I’m using my phone. I’ve even left the house once or twice without my phone, just to see how well I could get along without it! Pretty well as it turns out. So while there is definitely a cool factor to Apple Watch, it’s a pretty practical tool for me as well. And I don’t use it for exercise at all. 🙂