I’ve always been fascinated with mobile technology, and how people use technology in a society that is increasingly on the go.  From back in the Palm Pilot days I’ve watched with interest as hardware and software changes, and how people adapt and use technology to stay connected.  People are more connected now than ever before.  Social media, smart phones, and tablets make more information more available than ever before, which is a trend that I imagine will continue.

As things progress I wonder if people are demanding to be connected, or if it isn’t the technology that’s driving this “connectedness”?  Certainly mobile technology is cheaper an more available than it’s ever been, but I that same technology carves it’s own niche, or creates it’s own need.  Certainly however, the technology wouldn’t be where it is today if people weren’t buying it.

I’m more mobile today than I’ve been in the past with my technology.  Currently, my iPhone and iPad are what keep me that way.  The most essential accessories in my opinion are my Compass stand, from 12 South, and my Logitech K811 bluetooth keyboard.  But for some reason, I’m still not “as mobile” as I’d like to be.  I wonder about the reasons that may be.  I don’t know if it’s having to keep the devices powered (or at least charged) or if they’re not portable enough, like I don’t have the right bag, or way to carry them, but I want to be a better mobilist.  And share that experience as much as I can.