I’m a big advocate of supporting and encouraging whatever work style people find productive. More so as we become entrenched in this pandemical, work from home mentality or culture or whatever the right word is.

Among my least favorite things is a mess of cables. While sometimes it’s necessary, it’s often avoidable, and it’s those two thoughts which prompted me to share the pictures that follow.

The basement has become what I refer to as The Bat Cave. Others would call it a man cave or something similar, but it’s a place I spend a great deal of time. When I’m working and when I’m not, If I’m working on computers, I’m in front of two screens. Even when I’m mobile, there’s usually an iPad and a cell phone. It’s the work style I’ve become accustomed to. I favor cleaner, simpler setups, without visible cables, and I really enjoy it when things match on desks.

My wife, on the other hand, isn’t as concerned with whether cables are tucked neatly out of site. As an Executive Assistant to the president of her organization, she’s much more interested in functionality and needs to be able to respond to needs quickly. Whether things match isn’t as important to her as how well it functions.

Update: In keeping with my previous mention of supporting and encouraging different work styles and work spaces, Lori decided she’d like her work space to be cleaner and less cluttered looking. Specifically, she didn’t care for the stands that the laptop and second monitor were on. And so with her being flexible enough to consider working with one giant display, I changed things up for her a little bit for her. She was pretty happy with the result, and I’m pretty impressed with the way she works off of that single giant monitor.