By now many of you know that I like to do use things as “out of the box” as possible, that is, with minimal amounts of customization and tailoring. This past week I happened across another example of exactly why I like to do things that way.

Of course another thing I enjoy is WordPress, and true to form, I like doing things with that that are as out of the box as possible. But for some reason this week, a creative hair began to tickle me and so I went off in my own direction, modifying themes in ways that I hadn’t be fore, and in ways that broke things rather badly. The more I tried to put things back together the worse it got until at last, I was inspiration struck.

Instead of trying in vain to fix the scrambled WordPress Theme, why wouldn’t I just make another theme active, delete the 2023 theme then reinstall it? Things went about as well as I could have expected doing that. My munched up customization of the theme I’d been using went away when I deleted it, when I reinstalled it, it was all fresh and professional looking, and then I changed back to the 2023 theme and everything was just the way it was supposed to be. I was pretty happy about that.

The lessons that were in this for me should be obvious as they’ve been shared previously… Use things the way they come out of the box! Use them like the designer intended them to be used and I’ll run into significantly fewer configuration issues. I’ll also be able to use things more quickly, and in addition, when I need support, it’s much easier to come by when I’ve done a lot less customization.

Maybe someday I’ll get there and I’ll be able to do what they’re telling me to do, but for the time being, I’ll take the simpler road, almost every time!