Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword we’ve been hearing a lot lately, and for all the hoopla, I’m still not completely sure about what it is, and how it’s going to be used.

On the surface of course, it is intelligence that is artificial, that is, not organic and that’s fine, but that isn’t really the answer I’ve been looking for.

Microsoft recently released an AI tool called Copilot. And I’ve read the press release and watched a 1:36 promotional video and still don’t really have an idea what it is or what it is supposed to do. Seems to me like predictive text grown up from what I saw. Recently they announced the new version of Bing which is all AI powered not and really cool, the next greatest thing and all of that, and I’ve tried it out, but I still type my questions into search engines and read the results. It isn’t like I have a conversation with my computer about things I’d like to explore.

With tools on the market like ChatGPT and others AI seems to be shrouded in mystery and no one seems certain about what it will look like and what it will do. As is often the way with any new technology (or anything new) there is often a some trepidation that goes along with it that we find was completely unnecessary when in five years time the new product hasn’t lived up to expectations and is somewhat lackluster.

AI is in its infancy. It certainly isn’t isn’t poised to take over the world just yet and I don’t think that in the next 5 years its going to be reshaping the global workforce, but it will be fun to see how it’s adapted and what we’re doing with it in the near future.