Technology reaches so many aspects of our lives, one of the most popular it seems is healthcare. We have apps for tracking fitness, sleep, calories, medications, wellness, and mindfulness not to mention the apps from our healthcare providers to remind us of after care instructions from our appointments.

Each of the apps are helpful in their way, but like any tool, they’re only useful if we use them and it’s easy to get overwhelmed as we try to navigate the sea of apps that are available.

Apple Health is an app that has come a long way since its inception and given the way that our Apple Watches work with our phones, it is a favorite of mine. I use the Health App in conjunction with my watch and my phone to track activity, sleep, blood pressure, and manage medication reminders. I wish that calorie counting were as easy in the Health App, but for that, I use Lose It! which funnels information into the health app.

I like having all of my data in one place as it’s easy to reference. So I like apps that will send data to Apple Health. I let Apple Health manage as much of the data as it will for simplicity’s sake even if the data is collected by a third party app.

I recently began to use hearing aids, and like with calorie county, this is something I’d like very much to be able to manage with the Health App. The hearing aids I use are from Jabra and they connect to my phone via Bluetooth. I can receive calls and set different sound profiles depending on location or surroundings so they conduits are present it’s just the integration that’s missing. That may come at some point but for now, I have to use their very well written app, I’d just like it all to be in one place.

As I do more with the health app and get more consistent about blogging, updates will be more timely.