I heard a podcast recently featuring Nicole Nguyen who spoke on coping with the rising cost of digital subscriptions. She mentioned things like:

  • Password manager
  • Streaming media services
  • Productivity software
  • Learning software
  • Security camera
  • Cloud storage

As I thought through that, I realize that many people now have most of those services and probably more, and I wondered if there was a better way of doing things, or is this just the cost of the digital age we live in?

Certainly the advantages of cloud solutions cannot be understated. My password manager, several streaming media services, productivity software and storage are all cloud based. The advantage being of course, when hardware fails, or computers are lost or stolen, you cannot put a price tag on those cloud based services.

There will always be big, better, best in computers, but we’re nearing the plateau where computers aren’t going to be a lot more expensive , and something else is going to be driving corporate profits, which would be subscription services. In the case of subscription services however, we’re simply trading one cost for another, and it’s money well spent!