I spend a lot of time thinking about mobility and portability with technology. It’s a favorite thing of mine being able to do whatever I want to do where ever I want to do it from. It’s the catalyst for me being an iOS guy, and one of the reasons I accessorize the way I do.

I saw recently an article entitled “Portable Monitors: The Amazing Productivity Gadget You Didn’t Know You Needed” where the featured piece of technology was from a company called Xebec and it’s an attachment that turns your laptop’s screen into three. Basically, it’s nearly as bit as a laptop and attaches to the back of the lid and then two panels pull out, one on either side of your laptop screen. The author was clear to point out that it can be used on the couch “as long as you have something to support its kickstand”.

When you need to have things to support kickstands on your technology, that’s the point at which you begin to lose out on the mobility aspect of a laptop.

I do from time to time use a MacBook Air which is itself a portable wonder. On the occasions where a second screen is useful, I have a short USB C cable and simply connect my iPad Air to the MacBook Air and use Sidecar to turn it into a second display. Sidecar is one of the hidden gems in the Mac OS that doesn’t get touted often enough. It’s really easy to use, and super useful when you have a need for it. And best of all, there’s nothing to attach to your computer, and no kickstands are needed.