As a minimalist, and a mobilist, Every Day Carry is something I put a lot of thought into. The gear and the bags I carry are small and light, selected with portability in mind.

Depending on what we do and where we’re going, there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to everyday carry, so solutions vary considerably from person to person. In my role as a technician at a large university, who is often at various locations on campus and in classrooms working with laptops, projectors, and connectivity, this is what goes over my shoulder when I leave the office…

My bag of choice more often than not is an InCase bag designed for a 13 inch laptop, it accommodates the MacBook Air that I often carry, or more often, either a 12.9” iPad Pro or a 4th gen 11” iPad Air. Along side that, either a Logitech Keys To Go or K811 keyboard. Sometimes I slide an iPad Mini in the bag just because it doesn’t weigh much extra.

In the InCase bag is the bag that prompted this post and a bag that has changed configurations a number of times. It’s a Bellroy pencil case with various cords, adapters, and connectors in it.

In the Bellroy I carry an Anker 4th Gen 20 watt USB C charging block with folding prongs. A three foot braided USB C cable, two USB C to USB A adapters, and an Anker USB C adapter with connections for USB A and HDMI that I use to connect to projectors.

That setup will get me out of most of the connectivity jams I encounter and works well as a minimalist set of trouble shooting tool.