Modern IT

IT has changed a lot in the past 30 years. We used to bend over our magnification lamps and solder on boards, unbox and deploying PCs sometimes by the hundreds and pull cable through ceiling and floor.

With the advent of disposable or user swappable components, virtual machines that are assigned to us where the host doesn’t matter, and cloud based infrastructure where physical cabling is becoming a thing of the past in many user environments It isn’t just the technology that’s changing, but the role of the modern IT Technician

Today we find ourselves being business innovators, almost business analysts where we design processes and craft unique solutions based on specific needs, and show people how to do things in ways they weren’t aware they could do things.

As big as the shift has been in what we do, the way we do it has also changed, and we’re increasingly in front of the customer interacting with them in ways we hadn’t previously. I think that’s a good place for us to be. The more we work with our customers, the better we know them as well as their needs and work styles, and the more custom the solutions we provide them can be. And that’s a circumstance in which everyone wins