I heard recently that the phrase ‘The New Normal’ is becoming obsolete. It’s being replaced with ‘The Now Normal’. The thought being that things change so rapidly now that what was normal yesterday may not be the norm today.

Change is occurring at a pace it hasn’t previously. Remote work, security concerns, cloud based services, it seems like every time we look at the news they’re talking about something that wasn’t previously on the radar.

One thing that’s sure is that change is constant. Entertainment, transportation, technology, education, even the way we purchase things are changed by things we sometimes have no influence over.

What’s going to insure that we thrive is our ability to react to that change, to sometimes actually embrace that change, and adapt our way of thinking and the way we do things as opposed to stubbornly planting our flag and proclaiming the change is not good and waiting till things ‘go back to normal’.

Normal is now.