The one thing you can be certain of when dealing with technology is that there will be change.  If the usage and devices themselves didn’t change, the way that people use them sure does.  Telecommuting is becoming a way of life in some industries, and the we’re using our devices in ways no one would have imagined five short years ago.

The idea that a single device has to be used to accomplish a particular task is changing too.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to work with a Surface Pro 3.  Being an Apple guy, I didn’t expect to have a high opinion of it, and initially that was the case, but as I had the chance to use the device in different circumstances, I discovered that in some ways, it was much more robust than my iPad Air 2!

As I thought about that, I thought about cars.  If I owned a sports car, and a pickup truck, either of those would get me to work and the grocery store, but if I wanted to haul wood, I sure wouldn’t get much done with my sports car!  Similarly, I think that many of the devices we use have different roles that they fill quite well.

The longer I work with technology, the less convinced I become that there is a single “one size fits all” solution for all our technical needs.

Tomorrow is Apple’s next announcement day, and it’s widely anticipated that “iPad Pro” will be announced.  This is the device that’s supposed to target enterprise class needs.  On the heels of Apple’s announced partnership with Cisco and earlier this year with Twitter, and last year with IBM, it will be interesting to see if they do indeed announce such a device, just what the changes will be, but to be sure, it will fill the needs of some beautifully, while others will complain about features that were included or not included.

There’s certainly room in the lineup for an enterprise class device along side the existing offerings I believe.  I think that most devices available to us today can fill some niches better than others.  This is why my Surface Pro 3 stays in my bag along side my iPad Air 2, and my 13″ MacBook Air.

All of the technology available to us today is useful.  it’s just that some devices are more useful than others for a given task.