I’m a technologist.  A mobilist too, and also a Mac aficionado, and as such, I like my technology to work.  It’s aggravating when things don’t work the way they’re supposed to.

I often wonder about why stuff fails.  Why doesn’t it work the way it’s supposed to?  This is something I’ve put a fair bit of thought into, and at the end of all of it, I believe it comes down to simply this:  We think of it, say implement it, but never architect it or solution it.

One of the most thorough ways to do something, is to start from the goal line, and work backwards.  Too often today with technology solutions, people hear of an end-point, and set out to achieve it, never considering what may be in the way, or what obstacles will be encountered.  If more effort were made to plan appropriately, more of our solutions would work the way we’d like them to, and a lot of the hiccups would be considerably less aggravating than they are.

The reasons for that may be the topic of another post, but I’m sure what contributes is our mindset and our attitude in this era of instant gratification.  We hear about something and want it and go after it with very little thought or planning.  The result is often an exhilarating start, but a lack-luster finish.

We need to consider more carefully, and plan more thoroughly.  In the end, we’ll struggle less to get to our goal, and be more satisfied with a more stable solution.